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Tanning Tips

Please take a moment to read through what to do before and after your tanning appointment. In order to get the best possible tan, you will need to prep your skin, preferably the day or evening before your appointment. It important to know that you should avoid any products that contain oil or that have a moisturizing effect. Follow the tips below to help you achieve the best results. and to keep you tan glowing for as long as possible.

Before Your Tan

  • Make sure to wear loose fitting clothes for after your appointment

  • If it is raining be sure to bring an umbrella and make sure that as much of you is covered when you leave.

  • Make sure to shave your legs the night before your appointment. Doing it too close to your appointment will not be enough time for the pores on your legs to close and could result in a spotty appearance.

  • When showering you will want to shampoo and condition your hair first. Your conditioner most likely contains oils and this can act as a barrier on your skin.

  • After cleansing your hair, you will want to exfoliate. This is important because the tanning solution sets on the outermost layer of your skin. So you want your skin to be a clean smooth canvas.

  • Do not wear any deodorant to your appointment, doing so can cause your underarm to turn green.

  • We can't stress enough please do not wear any lotions, creams or perfumes, this will create a barrier on your skin and your tan will not develop properly if at all.

  • If you use hair products such as hair oil please do your best to not let them come in contact with your skin, even if it is in your hair it can transfer to your skin.

After Your Tan

  • You want to make sure you avoid water, also anything that will cause you to perspire or cause heavy friction on your skin

  • Your skin may feel a bit tacky, this should go away within the first few hours. This is because the solution is derived from sugar. Powder may be used in the areas that is most likely to happen: in the crease of the elbows, behind the knees, under the neck and under the breast. This will not affect your tan. 

  • Avoid using cream or liquid foundation on your face until after your first rinse. You can however use mineral powder foundation. 

  • Avoid body washes that contain ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate as these can break down the tan faster. 

  • When you take you first shower there will be color run off, do not panic. This is not your tan washing off, it is just the bronzer. You will be lighter after your first rinse; your tan will still continue to develop for the next 24 hours.

  • Try not to use any harsh abrasive cloths, or loofahs and pat dry when coming out of the shower. 

  • To keep your tan lasting as long as possible make sure to moisturize every day. 

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