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I am what you might call a product junkie. I love my skin, hair and vitamin products and I'm constantly researching and looking for the next best thing. When I find a gem, I keep it and purchase it over and over again. This brings me to my latest obsession, Trinity Protein Cream from Surface hair products. This was recommended to me by my hairdresser Jaime at Canvas Salon in Clarence NY, who is an artist when it comes to hair. When I first started to go to her my hair was pretty damaged from all of the bleaching and overlapping of color or going from brown to blonde. While she is very experienced and only uses topnotch products she suggested this to me to help get my hair back to being healthy again.

This product is truly amazing to say the least. First of all for all of us health savvy glamour girls it is gluten free and gets its protein from Amaranth or the unfading flower. This has been well known to be an excellent source of protein as well as having 9 amino acids including lysine, which aids in the formation of collagen and muscle tissue. It also contains vitamins A and C and another super power ingredient...... Babassu Oil and it is rich in vitamin E and phytosterols.

Let me just tell you, I am one who highlights my hair super blonde and we all know what the consequenses of that are....super dry hair. I never was able to get out of the shower and just let my hair air dry, oh no, if I did it would be a hot mess, frizzy , and disheveled looking. I would have to blow dry it with a round brush or curl it with a curling iron to make it look smoother. All this did was cause more damage to my hair (remember heat is your hairs enemy). Now I just towel dry my hair then pump a few pumps of this nectar (I say nectar because the smell is amazing) in to the palm of my hands and run it though my hair. The hair is not frizzy, it is relaxed. I learned that my hair actually has a bit of a natural wave to it which I happen to like. The ends of my hair (the cuticle) are smooth and flat. The more I use this the more I can see that my hair is looking healthier and stronger and I have far less breakage that I did previously. This is definately on my lists of must haves and OBSESSIONS!!!!!

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