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Exfoliation is Key for a Perfect Tan

So you made your appointment for your spray tan, now what? It is likely that your tanning consultant provided you with instructions on what to do before your appointment. Why is so important to exfoliate? First let's take a look at what exfoliation is. Exfoliation is the removal of the outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum. Our skin goes through natural exfoliation on a daily basis, called our cell turnover rate. As we age this process slows down. There are many different forms of exfoliation, mechanical, chemical, and even hair removal. For the purpose of today's blog we will be discussing mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

Mechanical Exfoliation

You have many options to choose from when exfoliating your skin. However when you are exfoliating before a spray tan there are a few thing to keep in mind. Salt and sugar scrubs are great but if you use them before a spray tan make sure that they do not have oils or moisturizing ingredients in them. This can act as a barrier on your skin and you want to make sure that you have a smooth clean canvas to work on. A great alternative to this is using a loofah, bath gloves, and sponges. Just keep in mind when choosing a cleanser try to find one free of moisturizing ingredients. Also stay away from bar soap as it tends to leave a film over top of the skin making it difficult for the tan to penetrate and develop properly.

Another great way to exfoliate before your appointment is to dry brush. Not only will this exfoliate your skin really well, it also boasts many other great benefits!!!

Exfoliation of the Dead Skin: Super soft skin, who doesn't want that?

Stimulation of the Lymphatic System: When done properly and with a brush with stiffer bristles it will give a nice boost to help start removing toxins from the body.

Decongests Your Skin: Dry brushing can unclog pores and help you skin breath, which will in turn help your skin absorb healthy nutrients

Bye Bye Cellulite: Cellulite, orange peel and cottage cheese ugh none of these terms are appealing for any of us. Cellulite is protruding fat that is within our fibrous connective tissues and shows on the surface of our skin as dimpling, grooves and unevenness. There are a number of things that cause cellulite including lifestyle, hormones, genetics and predisposition. Dry brushing is a simple yet effective way to reduce the appearance, by breaking down the toxins from within and by helping your body to eliminate them.

So let's hear it for dry brushing!!!!

Chemical Exfoliation

Sure you can go get a chemical peel a day or two before your tan but what good is that for the rest of your body??? Exactly, it's not. I have always been a little obsessed with ancient Egypt, and they were a bit obsessed with beautification and body care. Ancient Egyptians were some of the first to adorn their face and body with makeup. They truly were all about vanity. They also took care of their body, in fact Cleopatra is known throughout history for her beauty and her radiant skin. It is said that Cleopatra would take milk baths, not with the milk of cows but donkey milk.

While it is obvious that we don't just readily have donkey milk we do however have plain old milk. We can definitely reap the benefits of a milk bath. What is it about milk that is so great for our skin??? Milk contains an alpha hydroxy acid called lactic acid. AHA's ( aka alpha hydroxy acids) get into the top layer of the skin and help to slough off the dead skin. AHA's have many benefits for your skin.

AHA's Help to Exfoliate: This is a less abrasive way of exfoliating the skin

Skin Brightening: Sun damage, discoloration, hyperpigmentation and scars are all things we hope will just go away. AHA's can help inhibit melanin ( this is what gives us our pigment) formation.

Absorption: After the AHA's remove the dead skin it leaves a nice canvas for your favorite creams, serums, lotions guessed it, your spray tan. These products will all absorb and penetrate much better because the dead skin is gone.

Less Wrinkles: AHA's remove the dead skin which speeds up the cellular turn over rate.

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